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Text for Page 242 [10-30-1858]

tion of the West Point cadet and probable matrimony.
  31.  Sunday.  A lovely day, warm, soft and
sunny, presenting a cheering contrast to the two pre-
ceding ones.    Wanted a good walk, so crossed to Wil-
liamsburg and explored Davis�s residence. He out for
the day, so struck down Myrtle avenue and to Par-
tons.  �Fanny� down with one of her headaches, but
rallied by taking a walk in the afternoon.     Ulric
at tea, subsequent to which the Thomsons � all of them
� came, with Ed. Wells.     Escorted them back to their
domicile � all of us � at 10, then returned and to
  1. Monday. Returned to New York, seeing Pounden by the way.
Writing letter to Hannah &c. To Bayard Taylor�s lecture in
  2. Tuesday. Drawing &c}     the evening with Haney and Sally
Edwards.  Crowd filled the lecture room at Clinton Hall � had
to adjourn to Cooper Institute.  Subject �Moscow.�
  3.  Wednesday.  Down town.  Met Mrs Jewell � her family
live in this street now, next block. Pounden at supper, sub-
sequently in Leslie�s room.  Rain came through my attic
ceiling, through a hole knocked into roof by a fallen chimney-
port, which smashed t�other night.  All night drip-
drip, dripping � saturated carpet, some of my clothes & bed!
  4.  Thursday. Rain continued.  In Haney�s room, mostly
devoting myself to dog � an acquisition of Haney�s.  Black & tan ter-rier.               
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