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Text for Page 006 [11-06-1858]

		     November, 1858.
  6.  Saturday.  In doors, writing, all the drenching
day.  Leslie comes home at night with a story of a
frightful�accident� which he had almost witnessed, rush-
ing out of his office immediately after it occurred.  An ex-
plosion of a boiler of a tug-boat, three men blown to pieces.
The affair had shocked him not a little.           We moralized
on it, over whiskey and water.  Also he got talking about
Kendall, a little, moustached, scanty-dark haired, slim, 
and Bourcicaultish looking Englishman � a very good
fellow � who comes to see him.  He is in an Exchange
Office and plagued it would seem with a b____ of a Yan-
kee wife to minister to whose follies and vanities he has
almost to starve himself.   Her kinsfolk back her and prey
on him.   They � the married couple � have parted several
times, would so finally last but for the children which he does-
n�t like to let go to the devil.             In accordance with Les-
lie�s advice, he tried letting her have her own way in every-
thing � when she raged at him for not contradicting him.
He�was infatuated with her before marriage,� suffered
rejection once or twice, she having a strong liking for another
who jilted her.       Kendall meantime made up to another,
an eligible match everyway and got engaged to her.  Then
the old flame threw out lures to bring him back and suc-
ceded.    He, intentionally picked a quarrel with flame the
second, married b____ and got served out for it.    The
other has since found a husband and come in for a               
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