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Text for Page 008 [11-08-1858]

Story and Non mi recordo the rest of the day.
  9.  Tuesday.  In doors writing till night when Hil-
lard called and spent the evening with me.  Out to Haney�s
for ale.   A letter � rather a longish one � from Alf Waud.
�Mary� is in New Hampshire still, Alf out of sorts at
her absence and the prevalence of Hard Times.  He writes
melancholic with a dash of defiance of this, picturesquely
and regretfully of Lake Winnipisseogee.     He loves her very
dearly.    Here�s a pretty sentence or two.  x  x� When you love a
woman how necessary she becomes to you; to be seperated
seems to deprive you of half your individuality; her beauty,
grace, gentleness, cheerfulness, good heart, all seem yours,
by long association, and by so much are you worse when
deprived of her society.�        Yatman�s in New York again,
in a Wall Street Insurance Office.            Here�s Bill Waud�s
home surroundings;� Wife excessively childish, evidently bores
him occasionally, though he suffers her attentions with a
good grace.      She�s rather lazy  x  x  gets rid of baby by
sticking it on to everybody else.    Father-in-law credulous,
spiritualist, homeopath, slow � his wife a good-natu-
red Yankee woman.�
  {10.  Wednesday.       Non mi recordo particulars.  Writing
  11.  Thursday       story.  Down town once or twice &c.
  12.  Friday.}       Another letter from Alf Waud in res-
ponse to mine � brief, containing sketches.   Called at Mrs
Jewell�s, she over in Jersey.  Got letters from home, from
my mother and Rosa.       Old Mrs Gunn, at Bloxham,
�though still alive is almost entirely confined to her bed.               
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