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Text for Page 009 [11-12-1858]

Some Neithrop items from Rosa who has been
spending seven weeks there.  William Bolton �superin
tending a large garden which he has planted near
the orchard hedge.�   I know the meaning of this.  He looks
forwards to the time when he may own the farm, and there�s
an old right of pathway thereabouts which got closed up
by some negligence and indifference, before the Bolton family
came into possession.   Now Master William already
for^|c|asts events and thinks it may hereafter be to his in-
terest to reassert the long-dormant right.   I know all
his ambition points to the acquisition of the farm, and I think
he�ll get it.       I always picture the rascally old Bolton,
the �pig-poker,� who cuckood my father and drunken
Dick Gunn, his elder brother out of the farm, by marry-
ing their mother � I always picture him as like to
William.      Indeed he must have been so, not only in
nature but, a little, in physiognomy, if what I�ve heard
from those who knew the old man be true.              My
father is  �dull and quiet � seldom speaking.�    Naomi &
Tanner have visited Sam, at Harrow.       Aunt Mitchell
is �settled somewhere down in the country.� 
  13.  Saturday.  Rain. Down town, to Courier Of-
fice, Haney�s, Strongs &c.  Got �Autocrat of the Break-
fast-Table.�       To Hilliards at night.    Smoking and
looking over sketches by Hitchings, a Bostonian artist,
in the room of the latter.     He knows Waud.   Met Su-
therland in returning home, by midnight.
14.	Sunday.  A brisk, bracing icy day.  Took a long               
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