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Text for Page 011 [11-16-1858]

  16.  Tuesday.  To 8th Street, East river, to get
particulars about a newly-built steamboat for Waud.
Wrote to him.  Got a letter from Heylyn.  Has been sick
again; travelling; is �doing nothing at present.�       Little
Edge, it seems is travelling about with Paul Morphy,
the chess phenomenon.   I saw a letter from the former, re
printed from a London paper, in to-day�s Herald.   It
was dated from a Parisian hotel.   Edge knew Morphy
here, and reported chess-playing for the Herald.  He must
be in his glory, just now.    I fancy I see him on the Bou-
levards, arm in arm with the �Illustrious� American � the
admired of admirers!     Writing for the rest of the day.
  17.  Wednesday.  Down town, to Strong�s, Post & Pic offices.
Writing to my mother and Rosa.         Called on Mrs Jewell
in the evening.     The husband of the cousin whose accouchement
she has been attending is dead, she and Selina go to the 
funeral tomorrow.        Mrs Sexton�s husband�s trial has
resulted in a verdict of �guilty� � no sentence recorded
as yet.  Good for the scoundrel.
  18.  Thursday.  Being �Thanksgiving day,� had intended
to go over to Parton�s, but feeling diarrheaish, stayed in
doors.     In the evening Hillard, Hitchings and an artist
of their acquaintance named Pope came up.   Tods, talk
and looking over pictures &c.      Pope gave me a bit of
information I was sorry to hear.          Said he, �I was tal-
king with a lady, some weeks ago, who told me, you had
travelled with her husband, Mr Gunn � a Mrs Kellam.�
Of course I remembered the name instantly and asked               
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