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Text for Page 018 [11-23-1858]

heart, kind and modest � disposed, too, to let a
clever man put what estimate he pleases upon himself �
to accept him at it.      Like all the Americans I have
ever met he confounds self-distrust, want of power
of self assertion with weakness, lack of ability � and
is apt to go to the extreme in the opposite case.    This
Saturday Press is in the worst taste possible.    Bad blood,
ill-breeding, egotism, assumption and weakness are its
component elements.    With coarse boasts of independence
their are any amount of palpable axe-grindings.  North�s
stories are reprinted besides Clapp�s Parisian trash, and
his own stories from Harpers Mag.      The �Dramatic
Feulleton� by Fitz james O�Brien, with his distinguished
name to each article (why wasn�t English good enough
for their paper, I wonder?) is cleverish, but infernally
conceited.  O�B� actually reviewed his own two-act farce
of the �Gentleman from Ireland� (plot hocked from
the French � a thing that even the venial Wilkins of
the Herald has the grace to refrain from in similar
cases.   And after pointing out its faults with an af-
fectation of candor absolutely delicious, he wound up with
the information of how often it has been played ��always
filling the house.�  Oh!  Erin go Brag! � Brag! Brag!
  The paper will last just as long as the milch-cow
Howland sinks money in it.    And � God save the mark!
� before the ineffable trash appeared, if they didn�t
talk of it�s going to be equal in merit to the Atlantic
Mag, in point of literary production! B���ah!!               
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