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Text for Page 019 [11-24-1858]

  24.  Wednesday.  Down town, hither and thither,
Post, Pic Offices & Strongs.  Got $3 for cut.   A
raw, disagreable day, felt unpleasant, rainyish, out
of sorts.     Writing.    To Hillards (for left gloves) in
the evening � met Oliver & Hitchings.   Back, leaving
them at Washington Square.    Writing � commenced
article on �Autocrat of the Breakfast-table,� with
intent to take it to Tribune.
  25.  Thursday.  Down town early for paper &c, back
by 9.  Writing all the long, healthy day, in eager spirits.
  By the bye I met Corbyn in coming up town.)   At
our supper table resumed friendly (!) relations with
Mrs Gouverneur again and got to chaffing her for
half an hour, as usual.         Called on Mrs Jewell
and encountered little Nina Brooks in the boarding-
house parlor.   Went to Mercantile Institution and
heard fifteen minutes of J. G. Saxe�s poem �Love� as
read by himself.    Trash.  He�s a bogus Tom Hood made
up of cinders and tea leaves.        Went to Edwards,�
found Haney there with the girls � the nice, kind,
good, pleasant faced girls.     Haney had just re-
turned from a day at Sing-Sing prison, underta-
ken in company with Smith of the Sunday Courier.
Among the other prisoners he saw, for a minute or
so, John B. Holmes.         He says the man looks bro-
ken-hearted.   He�s in for fifteen years.      I couldn�t
help being touched by Haney�s description of the man�s
look and the sound of his voice, as they entered the               
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