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Text for Page 020 [11-25-1858]

office where Holmes was kept at some clerkish employ-
ment, though I know he is a villain � one of the im-
pulsive, sanguine, approbative, cruel, intensely-Irish or-
der.     He told me once, how he had committed a rape
upon a defenseless Irish girl, whom he encountered on
a road � this in his own country.      He was a Mitchelite
in patriotism, a brutally-pro-slavery man in politics.
Were he at liberty, his life wouldn�t be a harmless one.
But fifteen years of prison � what an entertainment!
For a man of his temperament it must be especially
terrible.  He was accustomed to indulge all his appetites
and had no intellectual resources.       Some prison func-
tionary informed Haney that the extent of Holmes� se-
tence was inflicted as a matter of personal and political
animosity, Holmes being opposed Fernando Wood and
his party.       Haney saw, too, among another prisoners, the
man who was sentenced to 40 years confinement for a
garrote robbery.  This punishment was inflicted by Judge
Russell, who let off another offender, a political shoulder-
hitter, charged with a brutal assault, with a month or so.
Russell is a pet of the Herald, corrupt from hair to toe-
nails.      Arnold told me how he was bribed into a decision
in favor of the �Golden Prize� paper, apropos of the �gift
enterprize� business.  One of the proprietors �made Russell
a present� of some note he held against him.
  26.  Friday.  Non mi recordo and writing.  Not
well, anxious &c.  Did drawing on wood � gratuitous.
27.	Saturday.  Did another drawing then down               
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