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Text for Page 021 [11-27-1858]

Town.  To Knickerbocker Mag. Office � saw
Noyes.   Stories not wanted � civil, complimentish, �
lots of things on hand � mostly written on commission �
would I send in something in two or three months � bosh!
Noyes is an Oliver Dyerish man and less foxy.
Asked me how �my book about New York� � here he
stopped! � sold.                     Felt heartsick and Grub-
streety awhile, took story to Guernsey, let gratuitous
drawings at Pic offices and went back to my attic.
Too much �knocked� as Sol phrased it to write during
the afternoon, but did so at night, fiercely.
  28.  Sunday.  Snow coming down.  Felt feverish,
head achy and in-doorish so walked it off in a hair�s
tramp up the Avenues.  Called at Welden�s residence
137, 2nd Av.     I met him yesterday, the man crossing
Broadway to speak to me.  He alluded to a book I gave
him, long ago (Rabelais) � said he had then sold it,
recently repurchasing it of Tuthill.    I�d written some rhymes
in it.      He said it had reminded him very much of
me.      He was a little drunk, but there was a sense of
indefinable regret and humiliation about the man which
touched me.  With his abilities he hd might have been
so different.        He lives at a stylish sort of boarding-
house, but wasn�t at home.        Called at Houston St
and saw Arnold.     He�s writing promiscuously, as
usual, principally for the Mercury.          Reading and
dozing the rest of the dreary day � o�er the snow got
to melting.       Went to see the Jewells in the evening.               
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