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Text for Page 024 [11-29-1858]

he can�t help knowing that Holmes and Lowell
are far above him � and he mayn�t be able to digest
this.   Saxe has engagements to lecture for months ahead
� possibly to read that bosh I heard �tother night.  His
�Sonnet to a Clam� & �Miss Mac Bride� are the only
things of merit of his that I know.    You always think
of Hood in comparison with him, and then he�s nowhere.
  30.  Tuesday.  Writing, essay in �Autocrat� till
sunset, when I couldn�t stop in doors any longer, as
the day died so gloriously.   Rushed up the 5th Avenue,
back through Broadway.         Writing again at night.
  1.  Wednesday.  Writing as yesterday, then a
rush down town as far as Reade St.    I have finish-
ed article, am not satisfied with it and shall write
it over again.     It is too labored.  I was horridly
nervous and anxious over it.   Must try again and
am sure I can lighten it, and better it tenfold.  I�m
hard-up and out of sorts.    Oh Lord! to be clear
of necessity for six months that I might devote my-
self entirely to �Paul Gower� � I would make that
a hit.      Have been plotting on it for, at least, eight years.
  2.  Thursday.  Down town to Pic Office and
Sunday Times.   Du Solle not within. (I�ve a story
to take to him.)    Filthy day, rain, mud, misery,               
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