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Text for Page 028 [12-02-1858]

I�ve known on this side of the Atlantic who was
But she�s a true lady � a highly-bred lady.)   Mrs
P. has her little inquisitivenesses, and, though she pro-
fesses ultra honor about small matters, the servants
say she listens on the stairs to their kitchen conversa-
tions.    How many mistresses are there who would
do this and never dream they were behaving meanly!
I know that the old woman (poor old body! she
is sick, now, and doesn�t appear at table) is a spy,
as well a perfect nigger-driver to the girls.  She
entertains an idea that they, and children, need per-
petual quelling and poking up.         The pecuniary
relations of the family are as follows.    Mrs P.
keeps the old woman, Mrs Carpenter finding her
in clothes.  Mrs Cooper prefers stopping with her
eldest daughter, as the one possessing the easiest
disposition � probably Carpenter would object to
�mother in law,� as Mrs Potter hints.   Mrs Carpen-
ter, too, keeps her sister Lucia (Miss Cooper) in
clothes, Mrs Griffin doing the rest.     �Tis pity
Miss C. is�n�t married, her position can hardly be
a satisfactory one.  They say she had plenty of op-
portunities once.  She honestly regrets having let them
pass, now.                          Pierce leaves our boarding-
house, for a joint-room with his brother, in a week.
This leaves a third room empty (Cahill�s & Gun�s
being the other two) adding to Mrs Potter�s embar-
rassment.  She supposes him to be in part influen-               
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