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Text for Page 032 [12-02-1858]

be sorry for is there in the world around you.
I hardly know why I chronicle all these things ��
they make me sad as often as they amuse me.  Oh,
the tremendous drama that Life is! and what
will it result in ��
  Haney, after talking to me about Saxe said �I�m
getting to know a good deal about these people �
wouldn�t it be worth while putting it down?� I said
Yes, but if he were to write all down, truly, it would
never do for anybody to see it while he lived.  But
I didn�t say that I had been Boswellizing for how
long?                  years!
  3. Friday.  Down town to the Tribune office.  Saw
Mc Elrath.  He�s going to start a weekly paper � �the
Century� � and I wanted to get something to do, on it. Took
my name down.   To �Omnibus� office � then to Wall St,
trying to find Tom Picton.   To Frank Leslie�s.  Saw
him, Watson and old Powell.    Just now there�s an epi-
demic for starting papers, despite the hard times.  Les-
lie projects a �Stars & Stripes� � weekly, Ledgerish �
also a comic monthly.   Hither & thither, back heartsick,
and wet footed.
  4.  Saturday.  Harpers.  Story returned with the
usual stereotypical civilities.  Left note for Picton at
�Omnibus� office, to Pic & Sunday Times.  Saw Du
Solle and Dean, got a very civil reception � can�t afford 
to pay out any more $, at present � like to have me
write � come in again.  Eheu!    Back through the mire               
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