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Text for Page 033 [12-04-1858]

and drizzle, feeling ��� oh!     Got hair cut.  A
letter from Dillon Mapother this morning.  Oh me! the
contrast!   Newly married � happy � prosperous � weekly
expenses of the firm, for wages $200 � got a contract for
a $6000 map of Louisville � talks of buying a house
and lot in Spring!    Well, God bless the fellow!  Eheu!
  Saw White the Irishman, ex-treasurer (!) to F. Leslie.
Graham�s mag to be removed to New York, he publisher.
Spoke to him about work.    How I had tried this week �
how I must keep on trying!
  5.  Sunday.  Writing, in doors, all the dull, dark, dreary
rainy day.
  6.  Monday. Bit of a morning walk to bootmaker &c,
writing, down town by noon.  Left stories at �Great Republic�
mag-office.    It�s Emerson�s revivified � won�t live � don�t
deserve to but may pay for a number or two.    Saw
White. A basement office under Nassau Bank, which he
occupies in conjunction with another � mutual tin sign out.
Back, meeting Selena Jewell by the way.   Writing.  Evening
called on Dixon.  Getting talking of things in general, hap-
pened to speak of my being at work on critique on Holmes�
�Autocrat,� intending to take it to �Tribune� or �Times.�  What
did I expect to get for it?  Told him $20.� Better let me
have it for Scalpel,� said he.  Which I agreed to, wish-
ing to submit article for approbation before acceptance.  That
he wouldn�t hear of, and paid $5 as earnest.  Talk of
other subject for me to do or Scalpel, regularly.  Hur-
rah! � sky clearing a bit!   Called on the Jewell�s for an hour
or so.               
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