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Text for Page 034 [12-07-1858]

  {7.  Tuesday.       Mostly in doors, writing, draw-
  8.  Wednesday.}       ing, being nervous � with bits of
perusal of Carlyle�s �Friedrich II.�  Weather horrible,
ceaseless rain.
  9.  Thursday.  Down-town, to Post, Pic & Tri-
bune office.  Met Mort Thomson; with him again to
Tribune Office, to Rudd & Carleton�s (his publishers)
to get copy of his recently-born �Witches of New York.�
Met Gaylor.  Banks has supervised him in editing (!)
Strong�s Yankee Notions!   Gayler did little else than
abuse Mc Lenan, saying that John had no notion of
fun, never had an idea in his life &c � that he, Gay-
ler had put �hundreds of dollars� in Mac�s pocket, by
suggestions &c � that Mac had been �ungratified� to him
� with much more.   Judging from the stupidity of Mac�s
notions, I should think it highly probable that Gayler
had favored him with the ideas and cursedly bad ones.  I defended Mac, on
principle, for he is an artist and can put splendid
effect in his drawings.   Gayler is a tall, burylish
man with an over-rich complexion, (something of an Irish
voice � I always suspect him of Celtic descent) and
plenty of self esteem which manifests itself unpleasant-
ly when he�s conversing with those whom he considers
his inferiors.  He sings a good song, makes puns,
and wouldn�t be a bad tavern-king were he not prone
to attempting rough-riding over others.    He can write
parodies and dogged � nothing else.  Born (so he gives
out) in New York he once had a good position on a Cin-               
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