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Text for Page 035 [12-09-1858]

cinatti commercial paper (hence probably his inti-
macy with Mac Lenan who was born in Hogopolis) which
together with his wife and family � four or five children
� he abandoned for a married woman of the Allie
Vernon stripe with whom he lives now, miserably enough.
Levison and Haney met him once, when he intimated his
intention to commit suicide, saying he �was going to hell
direct.�   He is not constant to his mistress nor � in all
probability � is she faithful to him.   He had an affair
with �Getty Gay� � another little, literaryish strumpet of
the Allie V. order who writes idiotic bosh in one of the
Sunday papers.   I believe he got into a quarrel with Under-
hill about her.     Cahill recollected something of it as oc-
curring at the Ornithoryncus.      Also Gayler was especially
down upon Wilkins of the Herald, and used to talk of
him as �a d____d� Life in Boston �black mailer� &c &c.
Gayler can sing a good song.    All his instincts and
characteristics are Irish.       Strongs Notions could hardly
have been more stupidly edited under his own control.  Banks
will be a spectacle for gods and men on assuming the edito-
rial (!) chair.     He�ll swear Bai Jove! he�s been keeping
quiet for the last five years, and now, Bai Jove! he�s got
the chance he�s been looking for and people shall see what
is in him!!                             Left Mort & Gayler � the
former goes to Boston to night � and to Bleecker.   Overhauling
M.S. to Dixon in the evening, read article, he hugely
pleased with it.    Talked the evening, out for ale, then
parted.   Dixon cashed up $13 � all but $2 of the $20.               
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