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Text for Page 037 [12-11-1858]

good morals and decency.  Mc Elrath can�t love the
Harpy�s very much, for when he republished Dickens�
�Hard Times� paying, I think, $1000 for advance sheets,
they immediately reprinted it and he smashed up in conse-
quence.      This, besides a general detestation of the firm and
its ways induced the Tribune to reprint Thackeray�s
�Virginians� in their weekly, when the Harpers had paid
$2000 or $3000 for it.         Looked into Pic Office, found
Cahill.  Said he was doing �nothing� � getting advertisements
for Picayune not on a salary, implied that he wasn�t able
to pay his board.   He has taken to �chewing.�      Back, din-
ner, writing all the afternoon, to the Jewells in the evening.
Little Miss Brooks and her brother � not Pierce � in the
boarding-house parlor.        On another occasion when I called
she was sitting talking in an animated manner with a
young fellow � I should say an admirer.  She looks older,
her face longer, more womanly.         Apropos of Welden,
I notice one thing of him. When I meet him in company
with others he assumes a slightly superior, connected-with-
the-daily-press air to me; when alone he�s friendly and
perhaps a little maudlin.  The man�s weak � weak; thats
all.  I think he feels his degradation sometimes, and some-
times I feel sn sorry for him.      I�ve a few boarding-
house items to jot down.  Mrs Pounden has gone to live
with the Blighs � not Bob Blighs.   Mrs Potter wanted her
to move up stairs; the room which she occupied being desired
for the old woman, Mrs Cooper, who is still sick abed.
This Mrs Pounden took in dudgeon and left � whereon the               
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