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Text for Page 040 [12-11-1858]

to have to� do this and that � as though it were
some superior qualification.   You would be indirectly
called upon to sympathize with her odious worser-
half because he had to clean his own boots!  When
one�s gorge actually rose at the fellow�s presence.
A decent shoe-black were a fellow to be honored beside
him.     Poverty brings out odious and little character-
istics in human nature as well as good ones.  As
I am ^|now| not on mean topics let me add a dab more
to turn the scale.     Talking over the supper-table
of the Martin family, Mrs Potter offered some of
her conventional praise of them, apropos of Daniel�s
training, adding that the cause of their leaving the
house was that �conversation was carried on over the
Sunday dinners �which Mr Martin couldn�t approve
of!�  The notion of that little, frail, cavernous-
eyed, white-toothed, black-haired, sharp-edged, 
conscientiously narrow-minded pen-knife of a man
sitting in judgment on all around him!  Of course
it was only half-true, as I knew they wanted and
had long intended to get a house of their own.  But
to see the ineffable, stupid, placid championship
of this bit of Presbitterian orthodoxy on the part
of Mrs Potter � her thorough conviction that �a clergy-
man� ought to be bowed down to � that his presence
added �respectability� to a boarding-house � to see this
was to marvel, if one could marvel at anything!
When I recollect that on their departure that she               
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