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Text for Page 041 [12-11-1858]

said they wanted very much attention and paid
much less than she could get for the room.   Also that
when in a slight fit of economy Mrs P. cut off the Tribune,
that Martin was desperately ironical on her until she resu-
med taking it � he couldn�t bear to expand twelve cents
weekly, himself!     If anybody got the paper before him
after breakfast, he�d sit and hate �em, unconsciously
feeling that it was an outrage offered to religion!  Not
that the man was unkindly, for he was really good � but
most accursedly narrow-minded!     Then, too, as to the
nicety of the family, I will chronicle one exceedingly nasty
thing.    During the hardest part of winter, when going
down-stairs to the water-closet might be considered
cold � not to hint at the chance of old Patten (a perfect
beast in that respect) having pre-occupied it � the Martin
family actually made a cloaca of a closet for weeks and 
weeks, and the servant girls used to leave, one after
another, demurring at having to empty the chamber pots,
Mrs P, of course, backing the nice family!    Sol Eytinge
and Bill Waud were so indignant at the nastiness of
this revelation, that they tried for another boarding-house.
I remember one of �em figuring the boy Daniel sitting
stinking in the closet, with the rest of the family occu-
pied in singing a hymn, around him!!!!
  What a lot of odious things I�ve got down, in this
book! � these books!   By the way I�ve given Patten too
much credit for generosity with Mrs Potter.  He took her
jewelry, trinkets &c � not money of em Heaven knows �               
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