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Text for Page 042 [12-11-1858]

as security.    He has been up to Albany about
the peculation charge, and returned, declaring that
he �knocked them fellers higher than a kite.� May
be.   But the Governor was a personal friend of his,
and appointed him.
  12.  Sunday.  Over to Parton�s.  A cheery morning,
but a dull brooding day threatening snow.  I like
Parton, there�s so much in him and he has no
meannesses.   Bit of a walk at sunset.  A Dentist
�doctor� his niece and Ulric came in the evening.
Left by 7 �, to New York, Chapins� and Edwards�.
Haney just left the latter.  The nice girls looking
nice, and Matty very pretty.
  13.  Monday.  Rain, fast, fine drizzle. A long-
waited for letter from Hannah.  God love her! how
little worthy of her I am ��. Writing.
  14.  Tuesday.  Down town through fog, mud and driz-
zle.  To Gt Republic mag. Office � got M.S.  �Didn�t in-
tend to have much light literature � I could see there was
only one story in No 1 � had stories for the three next months
&c.� To Post Office.  Up town.   Found Hitchings and a
sculptor named Jackson at Haneys, joined them.  With
Hitchings to his newly taken picture room on Broadway
where we met Rouse.   He draws heads splendidly in crayon
� thats his speciality.   A thickset, bearded, somewhat
abrupt man � said when I alluded to a picture-exhibi-
tion got up for the benefit of some artist�s widow that
he �had never heard of the man.�  Rather an air of               
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