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Text for Page 044 [12-14-1858]

sitters-secured-for-two-months-to-come about him. A
clever fellow withal.  Hitchings told me, heretofore, a lover of
Rabelais � which commends him to me.    Return through
the dank, dim fog and found �a gentleman waiting for me
in my room.�     It was Johns � Wood-Johns! ex-amateur
consul to Jerusalem, architect, lecturer, and inventor of
the never-to-be-forgotten colored-tissue-paper-stained-glass!
I recognized him instantly, though he was a trifle thinner
and sported a white choker.   He had got my address
via Richardson (who�s buried his second wife) in Philadelphia
and Frank Leslie�s in New York.   Johns� story wasn�t long
and verified an opinion I�m growing into, that people change
less with years than is commonly supposed.  He has been
in North Carolina and thereabouts doing a little lecturing,
a little architecturalizing and a good deal of staying at
the houses of clergymen � always being orthodox and very
respectable.�  He has revived his former �intention� of going
into the church � hence the white choker, says, too, he
will get married in spring and take a wedding tour to En-
gland.   The lady, he hinted, lives in West Chester, whither
he was now bound.   It was not the one whom, formerly &c
� she also lived in West Chester, as I remembered.  �I�m
quite a Southern man!� said he, to me, genteely.  This meant
that he considered anti-slavery sentiments as low � decided-
ly low.    I felt glad to see the man after so much
knocking about in the world, and sincerely hope his pros-
pects are brightening.  Mutual experience of adversity�s tread-
mill in which one keeps grinding on, step after step, with               
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