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Text for Page 020 [08-29-1849]

              him. What anxiety, insult and worry have I took to gain a 
petty $36. Well � If I ever be rich I�ll have a good word
and a hand to help any poor young fellow who has to fight the
hard battle I�m doing now.
  30. Thursday. To New York and saw Appleton. Fresh 
Difficulties. He wants to swindle me, if he can, I see. Call again
.   A walk on to the battery. reading James �Agincourt.� Very,
very dry novel spinning. You keep on reading, expecting something
to turn up able to interest you, but lo � the book grows less and less
and ends all tame. Lovers, mistakings � A few achievements � incidents
and �now �tis ended like an old wife�s story.� Of Some novels of
James�, read a few years ago I don�t remember one jot � a very bad
sign. How difference from Scott.	/	Evening, under
the pilotage of Joe, to a certain tavern and singing place in
Canal Street.	Singing atrocious. Intensely dreary altogether.
  31. Friday. Wrote to Boutcher. /	Evening, rain storm
out of doors, �a naughty night to swim in� � mosquitos in-
doors. The triumvirate of us blue devilled.	So lying on the 
beds in which we had no hope of sleeping, we, with Ben Haun
also, sung songs alternately till midnight, � then  resigned our-
selves to the insect phlebotamists.               
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