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Text for Page 048 [12-18-1858]

manner.   I had the customary notion that prostitutes
died off in the exercise of their terrible profession � not
as, it appears, that they are absorbed into the ranks of
society, by marriage &c, for the most part.  I�m glad
to know it � there�s less misery & horror in the world
than I thought.    I think of the class with all the pity of
which my nature is capable. God forgive any one of us casting
stones where they are so little needed!         There�s one
good thing about a literature � you�re always learning some-
thing.  Leslie, down stairs, now, had never heard of Car-
lye and wanted to know what Boswell wrote about!!
  Writing, at night, till late.   Not at all well all day,
and inclined to blue devils.
  19. Sunday.  Leaving Haney at Edwards� (he being
about to escort the girls and perhaps Jack, over to Parton�s,
in furthermore of the fusion of the families) walked up
to 52nd Street and dined with Bellew.    A young fellow
named Wood, recently engaged on the Picayune (why didn�t
Cahill get the berth?) there for half an hour.   Towards
sunset down town with Bellew, I quitting the car at Blee-
cker.       To Chapin�s and subsequently to Edwards� at
night.   The girls and John returned with Haney, while there.
  20.  Monday.  To �Constellation� office, saw Roberts - came
on Wednesday.  To �Century� office in Park Row, new Times buil-
ding, saw Mc Elrath.  Told him about book, said he thought
the higher of me for not proposing to do it against conscience.
Back, writing all the afternoon and till midnight or after.
21.	Tuesday.  Drizzle, steady and dismal.  Writing
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