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Text for Page 051 [12-23-1858]

which pleased him mightily.  Then he read half an hour
of a lady-contributor�s production until I cut it short by
pleading a down town engagement.   Omnibus ride thither.  To
Constellation Office, left M.S. with printer &c then to �Om
nibus� office � a paper Picton�s on, and from the editor of
which I got a letter requesting me to call yesterday.   Took
away M.S. to illustrate &c.  To Post Office.  Then going to
the Nick nax office, heard from Thatcher a sad piece of news.
  Doesticks� wife � Doesticks pretty, good, kind, inno-
cent, little wife is dead.    It occurred yesterday, twelve hours
after she had given birth to a son.
  I am as sorry for it as one can be for one not of kin
or dearer related.    There is not a soul that knows them
but will be saddened by the news. �Aged 18 years and two
days.�  Poor child! � married too young perchance!  And
poor, poor Mort!   He loved her very dearly and had known
her from a child.
  These things �knock� one painfully.  It�s all well with
her, though.  I wish to God I could have died as young and
as innocent.                                      To Pic Office and with
Wood to Crooks where we found Gun and Mc Lenan.
Up Broadway to the little office, left Wood there and
to Bleecker.  In-doors all the afternoon.  Went to see the
Jewells in the evening.
  24.  Friday.  Writing awhile, going down town at noon,
calling for Haney at the� Courier� office and with him to Brook
lyn.  A cold, clear, bright day, the sun shining cheerily
� and we were bound to �Chips� funeral.  Talking of her               
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