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Text for Page 054 [12-24-1858]

Most persons did, except Haney (who could
not look on Levison�s corpse.)   The lower part of her
face was covered (for a reason which will appear
presently) the forehead looked squarer and more pro-
minent than in life � perhaps the dark hair had been
parted further back.  Fanny stooped down and kissed
the dead, cold face and I liked her for it. (She has been
all that is kind and womanly in the house, ever since
the sad event.)    They say, too, Mort and his mother
did the same, though that I did not stop to see.  The
carriages awaited us, I entering the one with Fanny,
Grace and Haney. (Parton had to go to New York to
welcome his brother in law, Rogers, from Rochester.)  Off
we went at a pretty brisk pace to Greenwood, through
the sunny, chill, pleasant afternoon, so full of light and
life.  How well one will remember its peculiar aspects
in the future!   To be following that pretty, kind, in-
nocent child-wife and mother to the grave thus.  It
seemed, somehow, unfeeling for us to be living on and, in
due time, forgetting her.           From Fanny I learnt all
about it, confirming and amplifying Haney�s particu-
lars.      The birth had been successfully accomplished
and the doctor dismissed, ere danger was apprehended.
It proved a remarkably expedited labor, too, which,
they say, is not always good.   Mort had been cheering
her up, talking with her, and she, previous to her
pains coming on, had kept walking up and down at
their solicitation.   Once, when the birth had commenced,               
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