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Text for Page 008 [10-19-1850]

              19. Saturday. Took Waud and a picture of his to Mr Richardson, introducing,
both.  Parted in Broadway, and I made some unsuccessful calls.  Anderson not in.
Return.  Drawing the �Machine� picture till Evening. Waud present. Sent him to Mr
Royal, and had him back with a message that Mr Royal wished to see me.  So at 8
to the Shakspere�s head, William Street, there saw him.  A goldbeaters association 
then �on strike�.  Mr R anticipated that some address would be drawn up had invited 
my assistance.
Down below in bar room where were unlimited Germans French &c. Mr Edwards & 
came, and I left and returned to Canal.
  20. Sunday. In-doors all day, writing chiefly.  To M and to Cha-
combe.  Waud present all the time. Joe called for a short visit in the morning.
  21. Monday.  Out with Waud. Called unsuccessfully at Andersons,
at Putnams &c, then to the East River, Waud having to visit one aboard
the Hendrick Hudson.  Drawing on the canvass all the afternoon, and evening.
Waud with me all day, and in the evening Brown.  My annoyance of Sun-
day afternoon, Donnell�s calling, a scene of highly amusing intellectual roasting took
place, Brown officiating as head cook.  Not a sentence could the unhappy mosaic-
looking �anatomical Draughtsman� utter, but in the gravest, most gentlemanly terms
would Charley lay bare to him the sweepishness of it; while Waud and I roared
in concert.  A little impudent animal he is, but of all the richest taking�s down
this I think the most excellent.
  22. Tuesday.  Waud in and out during the forenoon.  Myself drawing, and
in doors all day; sad, heart-wearied and self-accusatory, though perchance un-
justly; but I think not.  I have nothing to do, and but $10 in the world.
  23. Wednesday. Off down town. Met Andrews by the way, who told me he in-
tendeth going South this day.  To the Post Office with letter for M &c. Then to
Upjohns, to Trumble�s &c. Met Mr Morse, and had talk with him.  Call at
Anderson�s. To the Era Office, and there some time. Talked Picton into a job.
To Wells and Webb for block, then back to Canal. Drawing all the afternoon.               
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