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Text for Page 055 [12-24-1858]

he injudiciously put his head in at the room door,
when she became so excited, that nature instantly sus-
pended her functions.   They, very unwisely, too, drank
her health afterwards, in the room, and that of the
baby.   She laughed and said � Now drink the fathers�
� with which they complied.  Some hours afterwards ap-
palling convulsions came on and Fanny was sent for bet-
ween three and four in the morning.   Mort hurried off for
a doctor, knocking up more than one who had the inhumanity
to refuse to come � Fanny says this a not uncommon case
with the class here.    When she arrived at the house a doctor
was there, Mort drenched through with rain and misery,
and poor �Chips� suffering horribly.  Fanny took charge
of her, stayed by her till all was over.  The convulsions
were dreadful � in her agony she bit through her lips and
tongue.  Poor child! poor child ��                  Mort was
not present when she died.  Fanny says that shortly after
death the dead girls face looked �heavenly.�     Cahill
who had heard of the death came over, and proved him-
self as he is, despite social shortcomings, a thoroughly
kind-hearted fellow, in caring for Mort.   Grace alluded
to a characteristic thing about him.  On this funeral morning
he was going about in great tribulation, to find Mort�s boots,
wanting to black �em that he might appear all right.   Others
came too, who for any practical use, had better kept away �
Allie Eytinge to wit.    The Thomsons has been very un-
fortunate with Sol�s wife and her sister, living not far
from one another.  Mort�s innocent wife and good-natured               
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