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Text for Page 057

              [newspaper clipping]
OH, friend beloved, two angels have been down,
  Moving the waters of thine inmost soul;
  One with the silver cord and golden bowl,
One with o�ershadowing wings and cypress crown.

One brought a joy to light thy household hearth;
  The other, at thy Father�s great command,
  Bore to a brighter and a happier land,
The dearest treasure of thy heart on earth.

That treasure he hath placed for these above,
  That �where thy treasure is thy heart may be.�
  Then through thy tears look up and thou shalt see
Her face all radiant with celestial love.

The dark-winged angel shall come down again,
  When thine appointed mission is fulfulled�
  When thou hast fought the fight thy Father willed,
He shall release thee from all sin and pain.

So, live, then, oh! beloved friend, that He
  Shall find thee ready for the raiment white,
  The golden harp, the fadeless crown of light,
That in thy Father�s mansion wait for these.

The other angel standing at the gates,
  At thine approach shall ope those portals wide,
  Bidding thee enter pure and glorified,
Where for thy coming she with welcome waits.

[handwritten along sides by Gunn]
Written by Ed. Wells.

sentiment taken from Beecher.               
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