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Text for Page 061 [12-25-1858]

it up till 1, devoted an hour over to a tran-
quil smoke in the basement � that is papa Edwards,
Rogers, Cahill, Haney and I � then the three last
tramped homewards.   Heigho! feast to-day � funeral
yesterday!         � The dead to the bier;
                                 The living to good cheer!�
  and poor little Chips lying cold in Greenwood.  I
thought of her amidst the festivities, as, I doubt not,
did others.   God love her to all eternity and all of
us!    Amen!
  26.  Sunday.  Writing Holmes� lecture.   Haney
over to Hampden St.    Went to Chapin�s for half an
hour or so; looked in at Arnold�s returning.  Found
his brother �Dr Smith� (of the Yatman duel celebrity)
there, Sears, Baker an engraver, and a fifth person.
Baker � brother to the Baker I knew when I gave draw-
ing lessons to Morse � (he is now in California) was, on
the morrow to sail for New Granada, where he pro-
poses to resume photographing.   He was one of Harper�s
woodpeckers, went to South America during the hard
times, and likes it.
  27.  Monday.   A letter from Alf Waud with one
for the Jewells.   Alf writes in better spirits than here-
tofore, his prospects being brisker.   Has got disgusted
with Gleason and on the first of the year, at Ballou�s
solicitation, returns to him. �Fleece�em down on his huck� as
to the non-success of the �Line of Battle-Ship� � the name
of which, on its street sign, Alf and Hayes propose to alter,               
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