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Text for Page 062 [12-27-1858]

some night, by the substitution of another for the
last letter.       Will�s �little wife is sick and he works much
harder� � so far matrimony has done him good.   Alf is
keeping house, has four rooms, is comfortable, and talks
of his Christmas dinner to which Hayes and two others
are bidden       Charley Wright is working for �B�lu� and Alf
wants to know for what devillry he left New York � I don�t
know, and only now recollect his existence.     Finished Hol-
mes article, then off to 17th street.   Park Benjamin just
starting off to lecture in Jersey, looked over the stairs, in
his shirt-sleeves, being packing up.  Seemed very jolly and
hearty.   Returned to dinner and work.    Went to Hillard�s
in the evening and had a pleasant smoke and talk with
Oliver and Hitchings.    I�m disposed to like the latter
very much.   He is kindly, quiet and has real genius in
landscape-painting.   Stayed till near midnight.
  28.  Tuesday.  A letter from Boutcher.  Hasn�t
much to tell of his �monotonous� existence.     Says that the
woman he and Ned rescued from the Thames, on her
precipating herself therein, on the occasion of the departure
of the Wenham which first brought me to this country,
has turned up.     She was sister to the girl Dick Gunn
philandered with, and boasted the title of Baroness d�
Ebro.   Boutcher had some acquaintance with her, subse-
quent to our departure.   I believe her husband, a ques-
tionable Spainard was in the Kings Bench.    Well: she
(writes Boutcher) grows fat, is approaching forty, talks
as of old �groundly,� has got married again and �desires               
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