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Text for Page 063 [12-28-1858]

to be remembered to me.�   Hanged if I recollect
her, otherwise than as a showily-handsome girl who
danced with Boutcher, and perhaps with myself, on
the deck, the night the Wenham lay in London docks.
Her brother (I remember him) has married the girl
he left behind him and is extant in New York.
Arthur Allom �complains of his lover� as of old and
talks less Priapus-really now the cold weather has come.
Braithwaite, Amy�s jilted lover, has consoled himself
with an Australian wife.    Honest George Clarke just
as usual and is going to lecture on �beauty in Common
things to an Upton audience.     Cornelius Bagster �pigs
in the same place, with his huge wife and children.
amid the same dreadful stink as if the ghosts of
those mashed Zoophytes (?) still haunted the scene of
their untimely end.   He is writing a history of the Fly �
the common blue-bottle � which he thinks the most
important animal in creation, and the most worthy
of his historical research.   He is obtaining the sig-
nification of the word in every known language. x  x
He read me� writes Boutcher �some portions, treat-
ing on its vast fecundity.�      Thus Boutcher.   To
Park Benjamin�s again, to get M. S. of story left
with him.  Found him in the basement with a Rev.
Mr Peck, father of the girl who claimed to have writ-
ten the head and tail of �Nothing to Wear.�   He
talked about it � over much � and, I think, made
out a case.  Down town. (Benjamin pronounced the               
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