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Text for Page 064 [12-28-1858]

Holmes report �capital.�)    To Frank Leslie�s as
Watson had written to me, wanting me to send in some-
thing �immediately.�   Didn�t do it and don�t intend to unless
there�s a better prospect of definite payment.   To Roberts
� or rather the Constell-a-t-i-o-n Office.   Introduced to
his wife, a prettyish woman, with a bright courtesy got, I
think from the stage � he said something about her
belonging to it.   Got proof, went to Pic and Post Offices,
rode back per omnibus.    Writing in the afternoon and
evening.    Haney is in Boston � went there with Mort
Thomson yester-evening, both, I think on business, though
doubtless some desire of distraction of scene influenced
the former.        What cant is that which asserts the
cruelty of men, one towards another, during affliction!
There is not a fellow who knows Thomson but does not
feel a thousand fold kinder to him, now.   Whatever
our errors, our vices may be, there�s a good deal
of Love in us, after all.   And if we can love one
another won�t Our Father in Heaven love and be
merciful to us.   I hope so.
  29.  Wednesday.  Drawing till 12 �, then down
town. A cold dull lowering day promising snow which
began to fall fast in an hour or so.  To Constellation, Pic,
and Century Office � Roberts too busy to talk about �ar-
rangements� on the former.    Returned up-town with Ha-
ney, who appeared at the breakfast table this morning. He
saw both the Wauds in Boston.   Alf was locked in his
office, didn�t appear till Haney and Mort were retreating,               
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