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Text for Page 066 [12-30-1858]

  30.  Thursday.  Making sketches, then down
town.  Twice or three times to the �Constellation� Office,
missing Roberts each time, to the �Omnibus� office & to
Harpers.    Returned through snow and slush.  Writing
till midnight or longer.                   O�Brien�s break of
with Frank Leslie, the particulars of which I heard
the other day, is funny and characteristic.  He had
agreed to furnish a serial story for the �Stars and Stripes,�
which they had announced grandiloquently in circular &
advertisement.     Well time came for copy, O�B said he
had no place to write in &c, so they fixed up a room
for him in the building. He loafed awhile, then declared
he must have a bottle of Heidseick and cigars, when he
would incontinently blaze away.   Cigars and champagne
were procured.     He drank the latter, smoked the former,
wrote ten pages and then left � taking M. S. with him.
Next day Clapp, who has heretofore officiated as O�Brien�s
jackal, comes round, says that O�B can�t write without
money in his pocket and must have $100!   This ended
the affair.        Doesticks declared, before his loss, that he
wouldn�t write for it, Brougham will do scarcely anything
� so Watson confessed to me � and I won�t write unless
I get money paid when I bring in copy.  It�s time to break
off with bad paymasters.
  31.  Friday.  Hydropathically horrible, slush, drizzle,
thawing snow, mire, mud, misery.    In doors doing
some, though not much writing, for I�m hardly well,
till after dinner.    Then down town through the filth               
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