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Text for Page 068 [02-03-1859]

              [note to Gunn]
Mr Thos Butler Gunn
	with Mason Bro�s
Whole number of Phys
  N.Y. Boarding Houses
		        published		2,028
  of which there have been
	given away	120
  On hand Jany 1/59	260		380
	Number of copies sold	1,648

Above on hand statement as requested
showing the entire sale of the Book
to have been 1648 copies, our last
report to Jany 1/58 showed a sale of
1,537 making the sale of the year
1858. 91 copies.	Respy Yrs
		         Mason Bro�s
			[unclear signature]
New York
       Feby 3/59.               
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