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Text for Page 070 [01-03-1859]

I thought too of quiet English roads and of
Chacombe � far away.
  4.  Tuesday.  Snow deep everywhere and still
falling.    Out by 11.  To Constellation Office � saw
Roberts � settled matters.   He proposed $10 weekly
� I told him I wanted double.    Finally settled
at $15, until De Cordova, Assistant Ed. is civilly
bowed out, when I rise to $20.  I have to be
at the office, to assume editorial functions.  To
Omnibus office.  Got paid $12.   To Pounden�s store.
Up town to dinner, then off again through the thick
lying snow, to P. Benjamin�s.  He at dinner.
Waited in basement library nigh an hour, he sending
boy bidding me take cigar.    Gave me a hearty recep
tion but would read editorial of his in a loud lecture
voice, which in conjunction with the row kicked up
by two of his boys gave me a headache as if all
the devils in Malebolge were hammering on my
brain.   Left at dusk � after at least 2 � hours of 
torment, which has been steadily increasing till now
� past 9, I fancy, when I sit here feeling thoroughly
wearied out, mind and body.   To bed and � heigho
to work for my $15 weekly to-morrow!  I�ll be worth
it to them, though I have no belief in the permanence
of the paper.
  5.  Wednesday.  To Blakeman�s, Dixon�s then down
town to commence editorial duties at Constellation Office.
The premises stretch from front to rear in Spruce St,
printers, presses &c at work in the back-ground, a               
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