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Text for Page 071 [01-05-1859]

counter in front, and on one side, behind a parti-
tion is the editorial sanctum.       Went to work, writing
scissoring &c.   Old Benjamin down by the middle of
the day, did not come in but sat in his buggy while
people came out to be talked to.   Roberts about, troubled
with the Job like affection of boils, but lacking patriarchal
patience.   Dined indifferently enough at Crook & Duffs.
Left story at Strongs at sunset, just before coming
up town.    Dropped in at Leslie�s, going Bleecker-
wards with him and his brother & Kendall.   Called
on the Jewell�s at night.   A hand at whist � dull enough.
Sick, worried, feverish and not able to sleep o�nights.
  6.  Thursday.  To Office by 9 �.  Roberts didn�t show,
Benjamin did.   Working hard till 2 �, then returned
to dinner at Bleecker.   A letter from home, from my
mother and Naomi.  No news except that Dwyer � 
an acquaintance of Whitelaw�s, whom I knew also, is dead.
Broke a bloodvessel, in sea-sickness.    Writing, hard.
Went to hear Fanny Kemble read �Cymbeline� at Dods-
worth�s hall, despite the horrible condition of the streets.
A jolly-looking woman; her reading of the stage stagey.
�Shakspere and the Musical Glasses�� the latter being per-
sonified by Mrs Kemble.    Doesticks there, though I didn�t
see him.   At work afterwards, till midnight and more.
  7.  Friday.  Editorializing, hither and thither between
Constellation and Omnibus offices.   Evening, drawing
on wood.   Nervous and harassed, big cold office, whirr
of wheels and talk of men � horrible weather � fog, mud,               
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