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Text for Page 072 [01-07-1859]

misery.    Up till 2 or 3, then couldn�t sleep.
  8.  Saturday.  Yesterday with additions.  Ro-
bert�s down, spite of surgical operation, ridding him
of �carbuncle boil.�     To Omnibus Office � am doing a
good deal for them in the way of drawing � they pay
promptly.   Drawing at night till 12.   Cahill came
up to see me this afternoon.  Looks in better health
and general condition, is living at Thomson�s, em-
ployed by Mort on some �History,� written to order, 
with more work in perspective.   Says that Sol
Eytinge has left Leslie, and threatened to lick him when
he has paid up $60, which is owing to Sol.   The
row was about unpunctuality in cashing up, of course.
Sol has seceded to the Harpers�.        I�m glad Cahill�s
got away from Bob Gun & Houston accociations.
He smoked a pipe or so, while I got a doze, then went
off.    Drawing, bathing, and to bed by 11 � dog-tired
  9.  Sunday.  Drawing on wood and writing all
the day till 11 P. M. with the exception of going to 
hear Chapin.
  10.  Monday.  As deathly cold as though the gate of
the Scandinavian Hell were open and all the icy
devils of the North playing Boreas.  Overslept my-
self till 10, down town with frozen beard, to Con-
stellation � confound the long name, I�ll abbreviate it
in future - & Omnibus� Offices.   To Strong�s also.
Sold story, left two days back, with illustration, for
$10 � beat me down two.    Return up town by 3.               
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