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Text for Page 073 [01-10-1859]

Haney over at Oxford St, yesterday.  Jim�s off
for his southern journey, apropos of Jackson localities.
Fanny�s been using poor �Chip�s� death in this weeks
Ledger.    I don�t admire that sort of thing.  Allie
Vernon �improved the occasion� too, by some poetical
piddling in the Saturday press.   American!             Mrs
Gouverneur�s in this house again, a little indisposed
and horribly apprehenhensive that she�s going to die, exacting
all sorts of things from people.   She turned the old
woman, Mrs Cooper out of her room on her advent,
took possession of it, went to bed and kept the old body
and Mrs Potter up to 11 or 12, before she could be dis-
lodged.  She hasn�t shown at table yet, is horribly
funky and, Mrs P� says, looks ten years older.
May appears at table and demands half warm mut-
ton chops at tea in her usual delightfully childish
manner.         I�ve had an explanation with Mrs Potter
touching the �money� hunt.  Says she meant nothing.  All
Right. It gave me a wretched three days, though.   We
have new boarders, one a widow, youngish, looks com-
mon � t�other her sister (temporary.)     Did I put down
that Miss Cooper has been here for the last three weeks
or more? that old Mr Eldredge is in New York on a
visit.      He�s going to throw up farm; with his wife,
he can�t live without little Jenny.               No news of
Mrs Church.              Writing till midnight, with inter-
vals of �Illustrated News� � Oh me! how old-Englandish
do the Christmas pictures made me feel.               
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