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Text for Page 074 [01-11-1859]

  11. Tuesday.  Yesterday the coldest one in
seventy years, say the meteorologists. /   Omnibus driver
frozen dead on his box.   To Blakeman�s; people
clustering round stove in the passage.   Down town to
office � blazing away at scribbling.  Left M.S. at
Sunday Times office.      Called at the St Nicholas, on
my way up-town, saw Roberts, left �copy.�  The man
looked handsome seated, legs up in chair, with his
manly features and beard, in the luxurious chamber.
Dinner. Writing to my mother and Naomi till
midnight.              Mrs Levison is in Rome.
  12.  Wednesday.  Office.  Rosenberg came and
separately, Brightly.    The latter vilified Sol�s artistic
abilities and said they had a better artist from Phila-
delphia on the paper.    Roberts appeared by 12.  Some-
thing of a to-do between him and foreman of the prin-
ters, the men having �struck� or something of the sort.
Roberts irascible about, said they�d get paid directly
it could be ascertained what was owing &c.   Left
at 2.       Swinton came up in my room during the eve-
ning to borrow a dollar, having got left in the city,
owing to his dancing attendance on Frank Leslie for
money.   Sol Eytinge, it seems, isn�t engaged by the
Harper�s.   He�s drawing at Hitchcocks place.  Little
Nast seceded too.    There was a row at Leslie�s � of
course about money � Leslie charged Sol with idleness
and drunkenness and the latter responded by bidding
Leslie go to h��__l.     Swinton says Sol got paid up.               
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