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Text for Page 075 [01-12-1859]

  To Benjamin�s, Swinton accompanying me to
the door.    There till 9 1/2.
  13.  Thursday.  Office; walking down town with
Haney and overtaking Bob Gun.   He � the latter � is
getting to look fat and sensual and very like Henry
the eighth.   At office till 1 �, out once, to publishing
office of a defunct Magazine and to buy �Noctes Ambro-
sianae for Leslie.�         It�s amusingly characteristic of
his nationality his �going in� for Scotch authors to fill his
recently-purchased bookcase.    Of all things in the world
I suppose geology to be most foreign to him, yet because
a Scotchman named Hugh Miller suddenly blows himself into
eternity and celebrity by a pistol-shot, Leslie, his country
man, must needs not only buy, but read his published
works; wading through the geologic names with infinite
difficulty and with many references to glossary.  There�s
something thorough and commendable in this intense
nationality.  I never met an Englishman who bought
a book simply because it was written by one of his country
men.   We are broader � natured � don�t keep our souls
running in narrow, deep channels as they do.    Leslie
swears by Miller, as he will swear by Kit North
and the rest of Maga�s glorious blackguards � getting
withal a most confused sense of what they were and
meant.          Editorializing at home till 9 1/2.  An hours
call at the Jewell�s.                    I am convinced that
Americans have very limited, imperfectly developed
conceptions of fun.   Here are two cases in evidence.               
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