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Text for Page 077 [01-15-1859]

calling on to see Roberts by the way.  He has not
been down town more than once this week.   Got $10 from
him. (He now owes me $25.  Says he�ll square up di-
rectly he can get about � I don�t like to dun a man in
his present condition.)    Going down town this morning, I
dropped in at Houston St, saw Gun & Arnold.  Also
went to see a man in William St � got a job, drawing on
wood to do � owe it to Picton.     Writing in the afternoon and
evening.   Went out at 10 � to have some beer at the �House
of Lords,� a tavern two doors off Haney�s.   There found
Wood (F. Leslie�s man), Banks, Gun and Tracy � the
last Gun�s Houston room-mate, replacing Cahill.  Joined
�em.   Banks was just the same original unadulterated
Banks as of old.     He talked about his writings and
drawing for Strong, eulogized an office chum of his as the
greatest comic artist living, settled Holmes �Autocrat�
with the assertion that it showed �a pretty good knowledge
of human nature, but nothing deep � nothing deep, sir!�
Then he was going to start a paper � had men to back
him, bai Jove!   ��� Bray a Banks in a mortar &c
I had half an hour of him after the others had gone,
he sitting mugging himself and talking.  He let out about
Manning alias O�Mana, alias anything � said the man
had been seen in New York during the past six months.
Spoke of his claiming everything he heard praised as
his own productions. (Banks was completely gulled by
this, I remember, and echoed it every where.)  Said O�Mana
had got $150 or so from a poor woman under pretense               
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