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Text for Page 081 [01-17-1859]

the notion.  But it was �ower true� for whenever
Cahill was drunk he used to talk about his not having
to work if he were so inclined, of �his girl� offer-
ing to lend him money � give him money &c.   He always
returned to it.    And when Leslie, who accompanied
Gun & Cahill round to their familiar brothels one night,
enchanted by the terms of intimacy �little Franky� enjoyed
with the mistresses of these establishments,
suggested that Cahill might make �a good living� by
purveying Champagne for them �� Cahill was flat-
tered by the supposition!!!     How the Scotchman�s
ruling principle, money-making, showed there.   He, bye
the bye, went to the place subsequently on his own account,
thinking  x  x  x  x  x  economically.   Cahill�s girl
rebuffed him & told her �lover� � not so Gun�s.    The
latter, bye the bye, was in horrible alarm, thinking his
harlot enciente, once � fancying he might have to cut
and run.                 Learnt these things partially from
the fellows themselves, partly from Haney.
  Why do I put �em down? Firstly isn�t it unfair;
secondly isn�t it nasty?    But then it�s true.  Well,
tearing out pages, or tearing up wholly, is easily accom-
plished anyday.     But what would the fellows say
could they know of my doing the recording angel(?) in this
infernal manner?                              Rawson Gill is back
again.    Came in as I ate my late dinner.     His
mother has been wearying out all the women in the
house � at least those who subjected themselves to her �               
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