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Text for Page 082 [01-17-1859]

by her groans, cries, lamentations and yells.
Doctor comes nearly every day.     She�s only �nervous�
the women say, but fancies she may go crazy.
I should suppose it not at all impossible.  Her dread
of death amounts to insanity.     What a lot, and
what a woman!       Now I fancy Rawson�s return
will rather dissatisfy than please her � she has no
jot of love for the fellow.      He�s living with the Mar-
tins.             Writing the last five pages in the eve-
ning, chores &c, then to drawing.
  I�ve just finished my drawing.  It�s midnight and
past.   Half an hour ago as I sat at work, (a big
fire tranquilly burning away down town, which I could
see as I sat)   Haney came up, from the Edwards�,
bringing me an apple from the girls.    God bless them!
It�s something to be remembered kindly by them.
  Eight years ago as I sat at work one night in
Canal St, I remember Damoreau � then Charley Brown
� bringing me an apple from Lotty.  I put it down
in my Diary, where �tis yet.    Poor Lotty! where are
you now?
  �� I hope God will let us meet in Heaven,
some day.
  18.  Tuesday.  To Office, Williams the engra-
vers &c.   At noon went over the way to the Satur-
day Press office.   There I found not Clapp, but
O�Brien standing with back to the stove, in a small,
rather dingy and decidedly unventilated room, two               
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