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Text for Page 084 [01-18-1859]

he refunded.    He�s a systematic borrower and
debtor.    Haney didn�t send the money � had he done
so, he might have got it and then �� been �stuck� for
a larger loan.           Borrowing in sums adapted to
the pockets of lenders, by Fitzjames O Brien, liter-
ary Bohemian and Swindler.                     Writing du-
ring the afternoon & evening.    Not well.
  19.  Wednesday.   Office.   Underhill & his chum
came.     They yesternight went to the gallery of Laura
Keene�s, and had jotted down half of the play when
Lentze, Laura�s �fancy man� came and stopped
�em.    All the actors were on the qui vive, too.   Un-
derhill now proposes to complete the thing by taking
a private box, filling in the front of it with three women,
while he and his phonographic chum squat behind
during the latter half of the piece, scoring down the
remainder.    Wants to see Roberts about it, that he
may be assured about money.     Met Brightly, on 
leaving, at 2, savage about not getting paid for en-
graving title of paper.          Say�s Roberts had a �d����_____d
bad� reputation in Boston � burst up once or twice.
I don�t know whether we�re on solid ground or not �
($30 owing to me.)   Met Wood � the Pic Wood � who
made an appointment for me to meet Bellew to-
night, and walked up-town with me.     Writing, hard
and fast till 10, then round to the House of Lords.
Bellew there, and Gun and Wood � and anon
Frank Leslie�s Wood � so there were two Guns and �               
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