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Text for Page 085 [01-19-1859]

two Woods.  Bellew had been seeing his brother
Becket, his sister and her husband � our friend �the
Mejor� � off for England, this day. (Aha!  Mejor,
why did you tell so many stories to avoid replacing that
same bowie-knife.  I forgive you!)    Bellew was a 
little drunk, too.   I don�t like to see him so, for he
is, naturally, a gentleman, and one feels a little
shamed at his being affected by liquor.   We all
sat down.  Jefferson the actor came � joined us.  He
is the crack actor in �the American Cousin.�   Talking
with him, got information apropos of it &c.   Brougham
and two other actors came, sat at adjacent table.  Drin-
king of beer, eating of welsh rarebits and smoking of
cigars, mingled with talk of business.     They want
me to do the Restaurants of New York, a la Board-
ing-Houses, for the Pic.   Agreed upon, at $6 weekly.
An hour past midnight when I left.
  20.  Thursday.  Office.  At noon to Sweeneys, to
get information, Bellew wanting me to start with that.
A stylish place to what it was in my day.   Saw the old
man and son.   Back.  Work.     With Roberts by 2 �
to the Copyright Office, to see about �American Cousin�
if registered.   Left him at Taylors.  Up town,
dinner, a doze which I needed horribly, then wri-
ting, writing, writing.
  21.  Friday.  Office.   To Sweeney�s again, to John
Orr�s the engravers�, to add something to Williams� cut.  Orr
I found in the same rooms he occupied nine years ago,               
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