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Text for Page 086 [01-21-1859]

and presently he volunteered the same remark
about how extremely busy he was, and could I rec-
commend any engravers to him.    To office till 2 1/2
returning through the rain and getting drenched from
the knees downwards to an indifferent dinner. (Went
to Blakeman�s before going down town and paid him 17$.
Writing till 11 or so.
  22.  Saturday.  Writing all the morning, down town
after dinner, with editorials for �Constellation� and
drawings for Picayune.   Saw Gun; went to Crook &
Duff�s with him.   Seemed half-hearted about my
doing Restaurant papers; spoke of Cahill�s owing him
ever so much money, of the Houston St landlady
retaining his linen &c � such as it was! � for debt,
of Cahill�s crying when in a hard-up crisis.    To
Constellation office.   Roberts gone.    Message: �Mr
Roberts had been disappointed and would see me on
Monday.�   Got wrathy and showed it.   Had talk with
foreman, he not paid � printers wouldn�t go on till
they were.    To Pic Office again, anon down to Front
Street to Pounden�s store.   �Tis his boy�s birthday
and he expected me to come over.    His father was
lurking at the door of the store but made no sign of
recognition, neither did I.  Went in counting-house,
intent to excuse myself, but at Pounden�s solicita-
agreed to wait for him at the Ferry.   Waited at least
three quarters of an hour, once seeing Pounden talking
with his father at a street corner.   A cold, raw night,               
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