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Text for Page 087 [01-22-1859]

red and dreary sunset, tramp of people, felt used-
up, nervous, sick and utterly miserable.   So at length
got on stage and came � home.   To bed directly.
  23.  Sunday.  Icy and cold and sunny.   With Haney
to Bellews in the afternoon � now at 17th Street.  Left
them after half an hour, dropped in upon Benjamin,
just returned from a lecturing tour.   He talked, friendly,
explosively, wearisomely.   Out into the ice-cold, blue af-
ternoon again; through the church � returning Fifth Avenue,
feeling like Lazarus witnessing Dives� feast-going
guests.   Oh! the pretty handsomely-dressed women and
apparently well-to-do prosperous men! The pleasant
chatty suggestion of homes and firesides awaiting them!
To Chapin�s at night.   Church full, had to stand at
gallery door.   Subsequently to Edwards� � Haney there.
  24.  Monday.   A letter from Hannah.    To
Office, had talk with Roberts.   The man is really
�cornered� about money, proposed retrenching expenses,
dropping me awhile, to resume when able to cash up
punctually.    He paid me $10, giving a �due bill� for
the remaining $35.   I couldn�t feel hard towards him,
as what with sickness and general botheration he has more
than enough trouble.   There came a fellow in subsequently,
a printer named Jackson who, it appeared, had prin-
ted the first number, spoilt some thousand sheets and
sent in a most rascally bill, to dun Roberts.  He vili-
fied and abused the man in an odious manner, talk-
ed about �swindlers,� sueing a beggar and catching a               
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