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Text for Page 090 [01-25-1859]

at everybody in her terror.    Leslie got discour-
sing to Gladdy as to what she ought to do, in his arrogant,
well intentioned laying-down-the-law manner, one after-
noon, ventilating some of my sentiments, after his wont.
(That�s one of his peculiarities.    Often he has the cheek to re-
produce my own opinions in talk with me, or to others in
my presence!)  He said she might do something � take
to a little practical charity, join some good women who try
to do God�s work in helping their neighbours � what would
$100 be to her &c &c &c. ( Exquisite! as coming from
him, of all men the most ready to apologize for lack
of charity by the utterance of vile, scrape-farthing proverbs,
which he seems to think conclude the matter!)  Well
of course the boy takes it all to his mother.   She sends
him down stairs again with the request that Mr Leslie
will come up and see her.   Now they had exchanged
no word since the great row when she offered $100
reward for his cowhiding.    Feeling a little foolish, a
little proud, he wouldn�t go.   So she came to him, 
her hair streaming about her ears like a wild woman.
He went through his platitudes as aforesaid. (There�s
nothing he likes better than giving advice.)  If she didn�t
do so and so, he told her, she�d be in a lunatic asy-
lum in three weeks! �For the Lord�s sake, don�t say
so!� cries she.      Next morning � this � I met her,
going out or a walk.   She stopped and addressed
me � did I think she would get better? &c     I said
a sentence or two, when the unhappy woman receiving               
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