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Text for Page 092 [01-25-1859]

of shade in his pictures of life! telling too much
of its meannesses and littlenesses!  He is well off
in the matter of friends and acquaintances who knows
as many good persons as Thackeray puts in any one
of his books.           Now for a fresh peep into my
boarding-house inferno � say, rather, purgatory.
Mrs Potter and Patten are on the non-intercourse tack
� row about the �security� business � feminine sharpness of
temper,  consciousness of obligation, producing it.   Mrs
Pounden who has come here, periodically, to give Anna
Bradbury music lessons, has had a row with the quan-
dam mother, apropos of her not stopping long enough, 
and decamped with a flourish of offended dignity.  Mrs
Bradbury is, I believe an American but don�t look
like it.    An exceedingly common-place, washerwoman
sort of person � does washing, indeed, � I have seen
her in odious dishabille near her door, with a pail,
rinsing clothes.   Said to be rich, having money in
her own right, knows nothing, never reads, can�t amuse
herself, never says anything to individualize herself,
is generally coarsely and cheaply constituted.  Hus-
band a broad Yorkshire-speaking man, good meaning,
broadly and sometimes stupidly British in his opinions,
interrupts you while speaking, talks of stocks & rail-
road shares, has known this country for between
twenty and thirty years and is a bore from his exce-
edingly limited range of ideas � is honest, withal and
has no affectations.            The Kings, very sensibly,               
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