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Text for Page 012 [11-06-1850]

              6. Wednesday.  Office all day.  Evening finished Daguerrotype. 
Butler called, and remained the evening.  The Frenchman Baudoin
hath dunned Charley in must ungentlemanly mode. Lent him $5.
  7. Thursday.  Office. Anderson off for Baltimore. Met Laurie on
Broadway.  Letters from Barth, he expecting to be in New York
anon.    Jabez Wing called, at dinner time, he having come on a
day�s excursion from Fall River.     Evening scribbling.   Baudoin taketh
not his meals here, to the mystification of Mrs Dob.
  8. Friday.  Office. Call on Corbyn, drawing all night. Mr
Morse called, work to do.  Letters from home. From my mother, 
from Rosa, Naomi and Sam.			My father I think
thinks that hunger would not be so real a thing when it occurred three
thousand miles away from him.  A bitter thing to think, but it is the
truth, though a son writes it.  Well is it I have employ.	My
dear Sister Naomi has had seven pleasant weeks in the country � well,
she will be loved go where she will.  And Rosa writes most kindly �
may God bless both of them, and keep me from needing my fathers coin. I
must feel this, and think of it, and for long, too.		Mr Johns
called in the evening.  He has been in West Chester &c.  Wet, wet day.
  9. Saturday. Office.  Call on Mr Morse, � work anon.   Evening,
a letter from Mapother.  Went to Butler and Brown�s at leaving Office
and therefrom walked to Canal with Charley and Waud, who hath 
all day during the week tenanted our room, save at night. Punch
and talk during the evening.  Writing Mr Royal�s article.
  10. Sunday.  Finished Mr Royals article. (Had a letter arrive
from Boutcher on Friday last)   A bit of a walk with Waud previous
to dinner.  Drawing during the sunny cold afternoon, and at
night a walk.  To Holts, where I saw Martin and Fogarty,               
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