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Text for Page 095 [01-25-1859]

at the revelation � rather to be sad.    Oh what
a crushing down and drying up of a woman�s hopes
must have occurred before she could take up this
r�le of amiability.    How she must long to be bitter,
to give vent to her injuries � for what injury can be
greater than to condemn a woman to be un-loved all
through life?                     Oh! my sisters at home, too!
I wish to God you were married.
  26. Wednesday.  Round to Houston St and routed Bob
Gun up, he having been drunk over-night at the Burns
festival.   Down-town with him, to Crook and Duff�s
restaurant.   There till 12 or later, getting items from
Crook and going throughout establishment.   Back, after
going to Constellation, Post Office &c.    At work till
midnight.   Col. Forbes came while I was at supper.
Told me about his new el Dorado project � gas manu-
facturing from any-thing.   Wanted to borrow some money.
I had but little and have debts over probable comings-
on but I�m half-sorry I didn�t let him have a dollar
or two.   Morally I�m justified.  There are better people
to be relieved � sure.    He sponged on Russell of the �Euro-
pean,� has depleted Parton more than once and, I suspect,
Haney � probably everybody who was accessible.   To lend
him money would be to establish a borrower � sure.
Yet as he might get turned out of his boarding-house
I�ve felt a trifle mean that I didn�t give him a little
of somebody else�s money � it would have been that, as
long as I owe anything.    We find it easier to sympathize               
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